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Lina Berlin (former Hallberg) has more or less painted and drawn since she was old enough to hold a brush. Color and shape have always been a great passion in her life. She has always created different types of art and have several different styles in different mediums and techniques. 


Through the different styles I can explore different parts of myself, in my portraits I can give an outlet for my need to go into the smallest detail. In the children’s illustrations my childish and lively imagination comes to show and in my abstract paintings I can let go and let the color and the feeling speak. 

Painting and graphic design have always been parts of Lina´s life and profession. After years of working with graphic design and marketing, painting have become more and more important.

I get inspiration everywhere, something I see on Instagram, a walk in the woods with my family, a discussion with an old friend over a glass of wine. Opportunities are everywhere. And art can BE everything.


  • Sydney, Billy Blue: 2011

  • Midvinterljus: 2013

  • Konstrundan: 2015-2020

  • Höstsalong: 2016

  • Brösarp: 2017

  • Adlibris tecknartävling: 2017

  • Konst i City: 2020

  • HH Galleri & konsthantverk: 2020


Lina Berlin


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