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Storefront exhibition with Live painting

I will be exhibiting in one of the town's shop windows between June 18 - August 18.

There will be live-painting sessions during this period, June 27 and July 25, between 10am - 15pm.

Art is subjective and should be experienced by everyone, come and experience Kristianstad, walk around the inner city and enjoy various different types of art. Me and 19 other artists will be exhibiting in various storefronts around the inner city of Kristianstad. If you are around on the days of the live-paintings I would love for you to say "hi". I will be in "Lilla Paris" old store on Östra Storgatan 51.

When? Exhibition: June 18 - August 18

Live-painting: June 27 & July 25 - 10am - 15pm

Where? Kristianstad´s inner city, I will be at Östra Storgatan 51.

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